Consulation & Treatment Services

Since 1983, the TTDC has provided a unique resource for patients and their families throughout the northwestern United States.

What Parents Say About Dr. Lowe:

"My kids were patients of Dr. Lowe for many, many years. Prior to that, I had been looking without success for quite a while for a doctor who could accurately diagnose and effectively treat my older son. We were so fortunate when someone finally recommended Dr. Lowe at UCSF. He was very professional, yet had a great rapport with my kids. He's extremely knowledgeable, and unlike other doctors I encountered, you can depend on him to always give you accurate advice. I gave him 'three stars' for waiting-time during a visit, but that's not a criticism. We waited because Dr. Lowe gives patients and their families all the time they need to have their questions/concerns addressed. He was very generous with his time during our appointments, so it was only fair that other families received the same attention. Dr. Lowe is a model of what a great doctor should be. Our experience with him was extremely positive, so I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others."
- Parent

"After flailing around with various doctors, we finally feel we are making progress with Dr. Thomas Lowe. We weren't crazy about going into the city, but he is so knowledgeable in this area that for us it has been well worth it. His specialty is Tourette's, but since this syndrome is so often linked with OCD, he also is well-informed in this area. My daughter likes him. He's very compassionate about what both parents and child have to endure with these disorders. And his treatment approach is practical."
- Cathy

"My son saw Dr. Thomas Lowe at the UCSF Tic and Tourette's Disorder clinic. He was very helpful. If you want to consider medication, it is important to go with a doctor that understands the options and the way different medications interact, and he had that knowledge. He also developed a good rapport with our son, who saw him from about age 13 to 17."
- Parent

"Thomas Lowe, MD at UCSF is a nationally known expert in this field and a wonderful, caring physician."
- Parent of a TS Child, Berkeley Parents Network

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